Protecting subscribers and securing the mobile network

Operator Challenges

There has also been huge growth in messaging spam, and virus traffic which is consuming an increasing amount of valuable network resources. Customers are becoming more conscious of the security of their phones and the intrusion of unsolicited calls and messages.

The rapid growth in the malicious communications is negatively impacting mobile subscribers and the operators’ brand image as subscriber blame their operator for the inconvenience.

Addressing the Challenges

In order to protect the network, optimize its usage, and enhance the customer experience to build loyalty, mobile operators need to deploy comprehensive and effective anti-malware tools and messaging filtering capability to detect and block unwanted traffic.

Aside from spamming, content and call filtering and censorship are also of great concern to Operators and Users alike. Operators are keen to protect mobile phones from inappropriate, harmful and unsolicited content by eliminating it before it reaches the handset. They are looking for smart content filtering that will enhance the quality of content Mobile Operators can deliver, while giving customers choices regarding their content.

How Jinny can help

Jinny has a set of tools to empower both the operator and the subscriber to take control and protect themselves from the intrusion and danger of these malicious communications.