SmartGuard_Logo_RGB_LargeOur SmartGuard solution enables the operator to protect both their network and their subscribers from spam, fraud, malicious traffic and security breaches.  With the rapid evolution of mobile technology new security and fraud issues have continued to emerge. The effect of these has been compounded by the central role the mobile device now plays in everyone lives and the global reach of these networks.

Plan to Protect

Smart Guard Protection

Mobile Operators need to implement suitable protection systems in their network to monitor and protect the network for malicious traffic. This process has four segments:


An operator must be aware of the intrusions in the first place. If an operator doesn’t have the knowledge to analyse his network security and is not able to verify the quality of service for messaging, then they most likely cannot see the problem and hence cannot implement the precautions.


After analysing his network, the operator should start taking precautions by implementing a monitoring node to analyse and block the fraud attacks. This node’s job is to analyse and monitor all messaging and signalling traffic in the network regardless of its point of origin. It will protect against attacks originating from inside or outside the operator’s own home network.


Protection is provided for the most common forms of attack through:

  • Source validation, which protects against spoof and fake fraud
  • Anti-flooding solution to protect the network from floods of messages that cause Denial of Service
  • Message filtering, which detects and removes spam, scam and OTA messages and can help prevent the download of viruses to smart phones.


The operator needs to close down bypass techniques that enable malicious content providers to deliver unauthorised grey route messages directly to the subscriber.

Both the operator and subscribers must also have the control and flexibility in setting up spam protection. The operators should be able to block specific addresses and sources, create blacklists and whitelists, and apply many other messaging controls with a high degree of granularity.

On the other hand, the operator must also be able to prevent content providers from abusively charging subscribers for A2P messages, by deploying a subscription control unit, they keep track of all subscription/unsubscription activity. This ensures that subscribers are only charged for messages that they authorise, complying with regulatory requirements in many countries.

SmartGuard a Bespoke Solution

Jinny recognises that each operators needs are different. We therefore provide a bespoke service to match the individual mobile security and anti-fraud requirements. These will utilise one or more of the SmartGuard Modules.

SmartGuard Module Function
Message Flooding Protects the network from Distributed Denial of Service DDoS attacks that use SMS
Premium Content Control Block unverified premium traffic from fraudulent premium providers
Grey Route Protection Monitor and block grey route traffic from pirate aggregators
SMS Phishing Filter Identify and flag potential phishing scams before they reach the subscribers
Fraud Filtering Identifies and blocks messages with spoofed or faked sender addresses
Personal call and message Screening Empower subscriber to control and restrict the calls and messages they receive
Anti-Virus Block malicious viruses before they reach the subscribers
Spam Filtering Using advanced fingerprinting to identify and block spam before it reaches the subscribers


Smart Guard Filter Website

Key Benefits

  • Secure 
  • Increased profitability of legacy messaging service
  • Radically lower OPEX
  • Allocate savings to more strategic projects
  • No more budget wasted on unused capacity and no more financial penalties for breaching capacity limits

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