Staying Relevant in a Changing Value Chain

Operator Challenges

In a smartphone world, subscriber mindshare has moved into the domain of the app store, the wireless internet and an open field of over-the-top services.

This loss of control leaves network operators vulnerable to new types of competition and to erosion of “perceived” customer value.  Internet-based communications service providers, device manufacturers and mobile app providers are disrupting established value chains.

Addressing the Challenges

Launch your own multi-platform, branded App supporting smart messaging and/or calling services to strengthen your relationship with subscribers & grow new revenues from data and advanced VAS services.

How Jinny can help

To help operators counter the threat from OTT services, Jinny enables a range of smart call and messaging services that help operators to engage mobile subscribers in ways that regain mindshare and have some obvious advantages over OTT services.

Operators remain key to the value chain of their subscribers’ communication activities and subscribers get a new app-based Rich Communications Experience which is integrated, not only with Instant Messaging services but also with traditional messaging services as well. One identity for all devices.  One contacts list for all contacts. One Inbox for all messages. Personalised handling of smart voice and messaging services enable subscribers to “own” their mobile experience, building loyalty and generating new revenue streams.

The scope and reach of these services need not be limited to a walled garden. Depending on the scale and evolutionary stage of the operator’s network, Jinny can enable smart messaging services that interwork with standards-based IM on other networks too and of course with the now biquitous SMS.

These services form a compelling proposition which helps operators to retain the mindshare of existing customers and to attract new customers as well.

Our key offerings in this space are:

Jinny Smart Messaging

Jinny Smart Calling


All of these can be integrated into an RCS-e compliant solution.

Other products and features of our messaging suite such as the Service Creation and Execution Environments (SCE/SEE) enable the operator to rapidly create and manage new services, using an intuitive “drag and drop” graphical editor.