Rich Communications


What is Rich Communications?

Mobile broadband, smartphones and OTT & social networking apps have resulted in a big change of consumer behaviour in mobile communications. People spend less time talking and more time ‘chatting’. They send IMs to each other, share pictures, make VoIP and video calls, send tweets etc. They have ‘enriched’ their communications beyond  ‘plain old voice and SMS’.

Do people still use SMS?

Yes despite the attractiveness of so called ‘free’ services from the OTT players, consumers are still using SMS and in most emerging markets, SMS traffic is on the increase.


People use SMS because it’s fast, it’s reliable and anyone in the world with a mobile phone can be contacted via SMS. It transcends international boundaries, age, and even religion – something that cannot be said of any OTT provider no matter how many people are ‘signed up’ to it.

What is the impact on the operator?

Mobile broadband has presented a great revenue opportunity for operators however their role as a valuable service provider is being steadily eroded to that of a commodity supplier.

What can operators do?

Operators must provide their customers with a rich communications experience that is comparable to OTT players whilst being as fast, reliable and ubiquitous as traditional voice and SMS.

How can Jinny help?

Jinny have an innovative set of voice and messaging modules (each with their own ‘apps’) that are  designed to be used in conjunction with each other or with existing Jinny products allowing perators to deploy rich communications services and help them remain relevant in subscribers mindshare.

Traditional voice and new VoIP services are provided by the ‘Smart Calls’ module whilst traditional SMS and new IM messaging services are provided by the ‘Smart Messaging’ module.

They provide subscribers with a feature rich messaging experience combining SMS, IM chat, file transfer and even RCS-e capability – all accessible via their smartphones, tablet and personal computers whilst retaining their mobile phone number.