Smart Calls

Product Overview

The Jinny Smart Calls product is an innovative voice product that meets the needs of operators in the current climate where consumers now participate in multimodal and multi-channel  ommunications using voice, SMS, VoIP, IM and social networking media all at once across multiple devices.

It combines both circuit switched and IP based technology offering VoIP and circuit switched calls, video calls, seamless call switching across devices & networks with multi-device access. It has a complete set of apps for iPhone and Android smartphones as well as tablet and PC devices.It does not need an IMS core and with the addition of the Smart Messaging module the operator can offer an out-of-the-box service that exceeds the GSMA RCS 5.1 feature set with minimum fuss and maximum gain.

Key Benefits

  • Maximise use of your circuit switched network
  • Cover network black spots
  • Secure trusted billing reduces exposure to fraud
  • Single Identity across all devices

Want to know more?

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