Accurate device intelligence more important than ever

Sub-$100 devices from an increasingly diverse range of manufacturers will dominate smartphone markets in the future. In India alone, an average of three new device models were launched every day during 2014 and there are now over 18,000 distinct Android devices in use globally.

The Operating System offering is also fragmented. For example, there are 10 different versions of Android in use. In addition, some operators are reducing device subsidies, which leads to an increase in BYOD subscriptions and further reduces operators’ control over the device fleet.

The spread of smartphones has brought mobile operators’ services to the reach of more people, exposing new revenue opportunities. But capturing these opportunities comes with a number of challenges. With the device fleet becoming ever more diverse, how can operators efficiently provide smartphone support, enable automated customer engagement and ensure a seamless welcome journey?

Why device intelligence accuracy matters

The role of device management has expanded from what it used to be: Initial device configuration and service activation to get the users online. Today, device management extends to enabling online device support and automated customer engagement. The online support and automated customer engagement processes are based on device detection and device capability data which must be always accurate and up to date to ensure great customer experience and relevant engagement.

Enghouse Mobilethink – the highest device intelligence accuracy with the fastest time to market

Enghouse Mobilethink’s unique device library provides verified detection data and tested and certified OTA settings for all the commonly used devices in your market. It is updated daily with newly verified data and settings based on the real global and local popularity of devices, maximising the coverage of Enghouse Mobilethink verified device intelligence for all markets. Enghouse Mobilethink’s unique device verification process ensures higher accuracy for information obtained from the GSMA, GSA, and OEM device manufacturers. In addition to all GSMA validated devices, Mobilethink device library provides the world’s largest coverage of cloned and counterfeit devices.

Unique process for more accurate and richer device intelligence


Early access to new device launches

Thanks to Mobilethink Device Maker Program, which today covers certification agreements with over 100 OEMs, operators enjoy early access to verified device intelligence for new device models. Click below to read more about the program.

Highest device data update frequency

To keep our customers ahead of competition we provide the fastest time to market for verified device intelligence. Our device library features the highest update frequency on the market, with an average of 3 verified devices added every day.

Smart device coverage

Thanks to our smart device coverage principle, we provide verified device intelligence for your entire device population. In every network in the world there are 10-20 device models which cover over 90% of the device population of that network. Our smart device coverage principle makes sure we prioritise customer preferred devices, global brands, and local stars in our device intelligence verification process. That’s Mobilethink smart coverage!

Largest global base of identified fraudulent devices

Cloned and counterfeit devices are a large and growing device segment in several markets, and it’s critical for mobile operators in these markets to be able to manage this segment in a profitable way. Mobilethink device library includes the largest global base of cloned and counterfeit devices and all GSM legacy devices. Counterfeit devices can be detected and automatically configured with Mobilethink Device Management, which differentiates it from competing solutions.

The most accurate and up-to-date device data

The result of Mobilethink’s unique in-house device intelligence process is more accurate detection data and settings to virtually all devices in any market and activation of up to 80% of cloned devices.

Better user experience, relevant customer engagement and improved device support


Higher device detection accuracy compared to generally available data

Verified detection data

Seamless service activation customized on device model basis

Certified OTA settings with device specific customization

More relevant customer engagement and higher automation accuracy

Rich device capability specifications
150+ data points

Better device support experience and higher customer care efficiency

Visual and text based How-to guides for 98% of devices
Today, many end-users experience connectivity issues with their mobile devices. This is often because their devices fail to meet data connectivity (3G/GPRS, MMS, E-mail) requirements. And it could be happening with your devices right now.

The results of this hidden threat are bad for you. You have more dissatisfied customers, trust in your products is undermined, and collaboration with operators suffers. Mobile Operators suffer too, because device connectivity determines data uptake and operator profitability.

That’s why Mobilethink invites you to contact our interoperability testing experts to discuss how we can help improve the value of your devices to mobile operators.

What We Do

What is the Interoperability Partnership Program?

The program is based on a simple, mutually beneficial cooperation concept where the device maker lends Mobilethink a test device for 2-3 days of thorough testing
at our central testing laboratory in Aarhus, Denmark.

Here you benefit from our 13 years of interoperability
testing experience. We guarantee thorough testing of 3G, GPRS, MMS, WAP and email OTA settings. The device is then returned along with a detailed certification report, and released in our Device Configuration system.

As a result, the configuration settings for your devices are instantly available for our 100+ mobile operator customers across Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

Guaranteed OTA Provisioning Testing

Our interoperability partnership allows device makers to guarantee perfectly functioning OTA settings for mobile operators and their subscribers.

We test all available provisioning protocols and setting types in our laboratory, and certify successful test cases.

Beyond OTA Certification

For devices that do not use OTA settings, we produce device-specific manual configuration guides to ensure maximum performance of devices in the networks that use our Device Configuration System.

Customer & Partner Quotes

Helps over 400 million subscribers to enjoy mobile services


“We are happy to be working with Mobilethink as this helps us ensure we are meeting the requirements of the operators.”

Martin Becker Hvirring,
Local Technical Manager,
LG Electronics Nordic AB


“Partnering with Mobilethink is central to TECNO achieving its business development targets in Africa and in ensuring that new users of our phones can use all the features of their new phones.”

Mr. Arif Chowdhury,
Sr. Director of TECNO


“We are extremely happy with our alliance with Mobilethink as it further solidifies our brand quality and credibility to the African carrier markets.”

Alpesh Patel,
CEO Mi-fone