Device Management

Automatic device detection, blacklisting of fraudulent devices and configuration with mobile data.

Benefits for Mobile Operators

Deliver the ultimate welcome experience via automatic service activation

A quick and seamless welcome journey is the foundation to a great customer relationship. With automatic device detection (ADD) and automatic device configuration (ADC), we make sure your customers get online quickly when they activate a new device or swap to a new SIM card!

Drive effective customer engagement beyond connectivity

Mobilethink Device Management is a next generation solution that goes beyond the basic device and service activation to provide a complete platform for continuous customer engagement. This creates opportunities to upsell new products and operator specific services, build customer loyalty and reduce churn.

Eliminate fraud from your network by detecting and blocking cloned devices

Mobilethink Equipment Identity Register (EIR) performs checks on all mobile devices joining a network and identifies blacklisted, counterfeit or fraudulent terminals. It is up to mobile operators to block, remotely configure them or further engage with these customers and upsell a new device model.

Fully fledged and robust device intelligence suite

Effectively manage each stage of the customer life cycle, from service activation, provisioning with certified and tested configuration settings, deep insight analytics at device and subscriber level to context based real-time customer engagement.

Device detection, automatic OTA service activation and device analytics with world leading accuracy

Automatic Device Detection (ADD) Features

Supports all activation methods

Network Triggered Detection

The real-time high performance detection method. Network (MSC, SGSN) trigger Check-IMEI events to Mobilethink Device Management solution (EIR function) when a device attaches to the network or when the location of the device changes.

Log Triggered Detection

Detection based on different data logs from the signaling network or from other systems such as billing.

HLR Triggering

HLR triggers notification of Device, SIM and Mobile number changes to Mobilethink Device Management (ADD). Plug-and-play integration with several HLR vendors supported.

Automatic Fault Detection (AFD)

Detects devices with a erroneous or missing APN settings from SGSN log files. Automatic Fault Detection (AFD)is especially useful in networks where subscribers switch SIM cards frequently. The AFD ensures that a device has the correct APN parameters when a subscriber is roaming outside the home network.

SIM Triggered Detection

IMEI tracking Applet or SIM Toolkit application used to check the IMEI of a device at power-on. If changed, the device sends the triplet (MSISDN, IMSI, IMEI) to Mobilethink Device Management solution (ADD).

Automatic Device Configuration (ADC) Features

Always-on customers throughout the entire life-cycle

Once automatically detected and provided access to the network, customers’ devices need to be provisioned with the right configuration settings. Mobilethink’s unparalleled device intelligence secures terminal-specific certified and tested settings, be it over-the-air (OTA), iOS auto-configuration or manual guides via SMS for non-OTA capable devices. It ensures the best possible end-user experience, accelerated data uptake and reduced customer care calls.

Seamless Automatic Device Configuration

Based on device model and supported configuration type, every new handset detected on the network is automatically pushed the right operator-specific settings.

Self-Care Triggered Configuration

For greater flexibility and 24/7 online support, Mobilethink offers a self-help operator-branded interface that works as a stand-alone support portal or can easily be embedded within the operator’s website.

Customer Care Triggered Configuration

Call centre agents get access to an easy-to-use web interface to quickly and effectively trigger configuration settings, with no need for 2nd line escalations.

Equipment Identity Register (EIR) Features

Monetize counterfeit devices with differentiated automatic service activation

Competing Device Management solutions typically block all cloned or counterfeit devices causing operators revenue losses. Mobilethink’s unique algorithm for detecting and configuring cloned and counterfeit devices (devices with an invalid IMEI code) turns these handsets into a new revenue source. With a proven track record of up to 80% device coverage, this unique live IMEI pattern detection capability is instrumental for operators in fast growth markets who want to monetize the cloned and counterfeit device segment.



Activate e.g. harmless cloned devices and generate revenue


Activate temporarily and engage for original product upsell


Block stolen or harmful cloned device types

Grow your business  
through better customer understanding

A good customer understanding sets the foundation for accurate and effective marketing campaigns, enhanced customer support and the optimization of mobile offerings.

Real-time device detection, enriched with certified capability information, gives operators full visibility into their device population. Mobilethink lets mobile operators slice and dice this intelligence into customisable reports, ready to be visualized into their own Business Intelligence system.

Get started with the preferred deployment model


Fast time to market | Cost-efficient

Complete system run in Mobilethink hosting center with secure connection to operator systems.


Cost-efficient | High performance | Regulation compliant

 Automatic Device Detection system installed at the operator’s premises with secure connection to Automatic Device Configuration system running in Mobilethink hosting center.


High performance | Regulation compliant

Complete system is installed at the operator premises

How to realise greater lifetime value from smartphone users
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