Device Support

The ultimate device knowledge base for stores, web shops, care and self-care.

Benefits for Mobile Operators

Reduce workload to your Customer Care centre

Empower customer care agents with rich visual “how-to” guides support for all device-related issues they may encounter when serving your customer.

Surprise customers with resolutions at one-click away

Offer your customers extra flexibility and one place for total smartphone help, by embedding Device Guides into your self-care web site.

Slash support costs with proactive care

Ensure your customers know where to find best possible smartphone help from day 1. Mobilethink Device Support is the only solution enabling you to help your subscribers proactively.

The ultimate smartphone knowledge base for self care, customer care and retail.

Designed to help mobile operators deliver the Rolls Royce customer support experience, with the help of visual how-to guides ready to solve any handset and service related issue in one-touch, with no need for further escalations.

Enghouse Mobilethink Device Guides

The world’s easiest online smartphone help.
Device Guides provide rich and intuitive smartphone help content for
98% of the most commonly used smartphones worldwide.
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Device Guides Features

How-to guides 

The solution provides walkthroughs to the most common problems that users encounter. Internet setup, battery optimization, WiFi setup, and engaging roaming capabilities are few among many. And if you can’t find the necessary guide for your particular issue, you can simply generate your own. You can choose the How-to Guides that best suit your needs from five different product packages.


Create your own custom guides

Content creation toolbox enables you to expand Device Guides content by adding your own help content; be it a specific device model, your value-add service or an App. A web API offers a possibility to fetch specific how-to content for a specific device in the language of choice.

Device specifications and user manuals

Each device page includes embedded device capability specifications, which are based on Mobilethink’s device intelligence data with world leading richness and accuracy. Original user manuals are seamlessly embedded on the device help content pages.

Let customer care send OTA settings & guides directly to subscribers

Unparalleled Customer Care efficiency features in Device Guides offer MVNOs unique features, which increase call centre efficiency. From the click of a mouse an agent triggers an over-the-air APN setup to the caller’s handset. Or, simply sends the caller a link to the correct self-care help page and avoids lengthy discussions over the phone! Device support doesn’t get any more efficient!


Brings customers from Google to your website

In the absence of good online self-care, customers in need of help use Google to solve their smartphone problems. Device Guides is optimized for search engines, so in addition to providing your customers with the best possible solutions, it can help to bring both existing and potential customers from Google to your website.