Diameter Routing Agent (DRA)

Reduces the time required for maintenance and testing by simplifying and controlling Diameter routing in your network

The Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) complies with the main standard bodies’ specifications, and it provides an efficient and scalable solution that centralises and simplifies the management of routing between any signalling endpoints in the network.

The Enghouse DRA has various applications. One important use case involves the routing of signalling traffic between Policy Charging and Control (PCC) network elements.

The DRA ensures that all Diameter sessions for Gx, Rx and S9 for a certain IP CAN session reach the same PCRF when multiple and separately addressable PCRFs have been deployed in a Diameter realm.

The DRA also has a vital role to play in protecting mobile broadband networks from overload, and facilitates the maintenance (additions/removal) of Diameter Agents and it reduces the time required for the configuration of these nodes.

Additional scenarios and use cases that simplify network topology and maintenance and improve network security are also supported.

Key Benefits

  • Centralise maintenance and management of signalling routing and failover
  • Use combinations of AVPs to configure signalling routing
  • Reduce the time needed to implement new network signalling nodes
  • Real-time packets capture web-tool with smart filtering to monitor packets structure and contents
  • IETF, 3GPP and GSMA compliant Diameter Relay, Proxy and Redirect agent