Call Completion

The Enghouse Networks Call Completion products enable mobile operators to drive revenues through attractive ARPU generating subscriber services and reduced costs.

Our architecture provides the flexibility, features and framework components that enables mobile operators to evolve their service portfolio to include richer and more interactive services, while also reducing time to market.

Enghouse Networks Call Completion solutions represent a considerable opportunity for network operators to increase ARPU and customer loyalty, by enabling the completion and stimulating the initiation of calls that would not be possible otherwise.

In a typical mobile network, up to 70% of calls are answered, completed, and paid for. However, the 30% of unanswered calls represents significant missed revenue, due to the terminating subscriber being busy, unavailable, or simply not answering the call.

Most subscribers use a standard ringtone and are unaware of the personalisation options that are available that can enhance not only their own experience, but the experience of those who communicate with them.

All of the Call Completion solutions are based on the same scalable and flexible voice transcoding platform, which enables considerable savings for operators when purchasing multiple solutions within the suite.


A carrier-class centralised voice and video fax messaging system, which collects messages. The simplicity and flexibility of voicemail ensures that subscribers never miss a call, resulting in increased network airtime and higher call-completion rates and revenues.

Visual Voicemail

VVM enriches the voicemail experience for the smartphone era, ensuring that it remains relevant and popular with subscribers. With support for the native iOS and Android VVM apps (or a custom OTT app), the VVM service can be enabled on the Enghouse Jinny Voicemail system or on a legacy OEM VMS with the addition of our VVM Gateway.

Missed Call Notification

Notifies subscribers of their missed calls when their telephone has been switched off or is out of coverage. The service prompts the subscriber to return the call (even if the caller has not left a voicemail), which generates call revenue for the operator.

Collect Call

Enables prepaid subscribers to make calls even when they have insufficient credit. The recipient of the call accepts the charges, which boosts call revenues by realizing the potential of otherwise impossible calling opportunities.

Beep Call

Enables a prepaid subscriber with insufficient credit to send a missed call notification to another subscriber, prompting the recipient to call back. This solution monetizes otherwise unfeasible calls and turns them into pure profit for the operator.

Notify Me

A text notification service that alerts a caller when a previously unavailable called-party becomes available. This service generates additional revenue for the operator by prompting the caller to re-initiate their call once they know that their contact is available again.

Ringback Tones

Enables mobile subscribers to personalise the listening experiences of callers by offering their favourite music as the ringback tone, providing an incremental, high-margin revenue stream to the operator.