Customer Experience Management

Deliver comprehensive customer care, identify and manage challenges, and streamline business processes. Our range of applications includes cloud contact center and workforce optimization solutions, customer intelligence, and survey management. These solutions can be used internally by the operator or delivered as a service to business customers.

New disruptive technologies bring dramatic changes to the telecom industry and have a significant impact on the customer experience (CX). For communication service providers, digital and seamless customer journeys hold the key to unlocking customer satisfaction, drive sustained market differentiation and are the backbone of a truly customer-centric strategy.

Enghouse Networks provides a complete suite of applications that enables digital providers to streamline their business processes and transform their customers’ experiences by re-designing the entire customer journey. For providers’ business customers, Enghouse Networks provides scalable and proven cloud-based contact center solutions.

Shift the focus to intuitive self-service to empower your support team, develop valuable community forums, and entrust your end-users with real-time visual analytics that are based on real-time mobile usage. These customer-focused initiatives mitigate churn and achieve great cost savings while transforming your billing and support processes into trust-worthy, transparent practices.

The Enghouse Networks data collection technology and services center the voice of your customer at the core of your CX action plan. In addition, audio data mining and recording capabilities can test for customer sentiment and churn indicators, and generate competitive insight.

Customer Visual Intelligence

Provide intuitive self-service portals to your customers to realize significant trouble management cost savings, and reduce churn by empowering your support teams to address customer concerns with real-time visual analytics.

Online Business Portal

Provides a range of capabilities including bill presentment, bill analysis, service and device ordering, service change management, real-time usage notification, and customer analytics.

In-network Cloud Recording

Offers Service Providers value-added recording, quality management, and analytics solutions to run alongside services such as Cloud PBX, UC, contact center, or SIP trunking. Also enables mobile operators to provide regulatory compliant recording to business customers within verticals such as finance, insurance, and healthcare.

Contact Center Service Provider

Highly scalable, carrier-grade, multi-tenant cloud platform, designed to deliver Contact Center as a Service. Routes omnichannel customer communications to agents via built-in IP communications and an intuitive web-based interface. Managing customer care via features, like IVR, recording, analytics, predictive dialling, CRM, and S4B integration.

Knowledge Management

Cutting-edge web self-service platform that makes knowledge management easy for you and creates a seamless experience for your users. Our SaaS-based knowledge platform lets you organize your entire knowledge base, evaluate and optimize support content, and develop valuable community forums, all from one place.

Survey Management

Provides data collection technology and services for market research, polling, and call center agent evaluation across Web, Phone, and IVR modes in a cloud hosted or on-premise installation. It is highly extensible, allowing for custom integrations, automation, and survey designs based on your POV and needs.