Customer Visual Intelligence

Provide intuitive self-service portals to your customers to realize significant trouble management cost savings, and reduce churn by empowering your support teams to address customer concerns with real-time visual analytics.

Why Customer Visual Intelligence from Enghouse?

Rapid Response

Increase first time customer care call handling ratio for network related issues to above 80%.

Customer Visual Intelligence can make the difference between a 60-minute resolution and a 5-minute call

Enable customer care staff to efficiently deal with network related queries, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

Real Cost Savings

Customer-facing online portals reduce call centre traffic loads, which can receive over 100,000 hits per hour during a network crisis, enhancing customer engagement and trust.

Enghouse Networks offers a modular suite of visual analytic applications that can empower subscribers and non-engineering customer facing staff with simple, visual, easy to understand information about complex 2G, 3G and next generation LTE networks.

Automatically collect, aggregate, correlate, distribute, and visualize network information from systems such as RF planning, trouble ticketing, fault management, CRM, probes, network inventory, and configuration management systems within your operations and organization.

Common Challenges & New Opportunities

Customers are becoming increasingly critical of poor customer service, a lack of transparency and limited opportunities to provide feedback. Price is no longer a differentiator. For network providers that have typically silenced service faults, ignored network complaints, and hidden their rollout plans from customers, this is a paradigm shift.

Enghouse Networks Customer Visual Intelligence (formerly known as ‘CellVision’) is designed to empower your support teams and customers to answer the technical questions about your network in an understandable format. Service providers can leverage these tools to transform their organisation to be customer-centric, boosting Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and decreasing churn in the process.

Our products combine visualization with automation, which plays a big role in reducing the burden of continuous monitoring while ensuring personalized, timely communication to customers. With powerful geoanalytics and visualization, network experience feedback from customers becomes a key information source for customer-centric operations and planning.

Are you looking to become a more transparent and customer focused organisation?

Enghouse Customer Visual Intelligence has helped to transform Tier 1 service providers to address all of these concerns to achieve market differentiation through customer service excellence.

  • Do you proactively inform customers about what’s going on with your network?
  • Have you considered that most problems in the network are known, but not visible to customer-facing teams? These are the teams that could benefit the most from accessible network visibility.
  • Have you achieved 80% first call resolution for network related issues?
  • Have you measured the cost of transfering calls to back office teams?
  • Are you concerned about how to handle complaints efficiently if you were to start dealing with them properly?

Visual Coverage Portal

Build trust and promote increased customer engagement through proactively sharing network coverage information to empower your customers to inform themselves about their services. In addition to enabling self-care and reducing trouble ticketing volume, the Enghouse Networks Visual Customer Intelligence provides customer care agents with a holistic operational overview built from up to date network information from many data sources. These tools enable the customer care team to confidently understand your network and efficiently address customers’ issues to increase first call resolution rates, and reduce trouble management costs and churn.

Leverage the coverage portal engagement points to use feedback to your advantage. Collect and distribute customer insights and potential business opportunities to the departments and stakeholders that need to hear your customers’ voices.

Increasingly, network operators are required to meet compliance standards that are centered around customers’ access to information. Easy to understand coverage maps are no longer a nice to have operational and customer-facing service, but may also be required for sharing with subscribers and the public for regulatory purposes. The Enghouse Networks team can help you to assess your network compliance and business needs, and advise around potential solutions.

Powerful Visualization

Translate complex network information into language that agents can easily understand. High resolution maps can be colour coded according to the network availability and capacity.

Publicly Disseminate Coverage Information

Provide customers with a single common interface for all geographic information. Automate the publishing of coverage information from complex RF planning tools.

Enhance Customer Care

Redirect customer calls to the web when you most need it. Provide immediate answers, improve customer satisfaction and realize cost savings from reduced customer calls.

Integrate Other Network Data

Display retail outlet and Wi-Fi information in a touch-friendly interface, publish network speeds in the area of coverage, offer network coverage along a driving route, and more!

Diagnosis Engine

Automate network related business decisions that drive processes and procedures. Integrate with other systems such as Trouble Ticketing. Enable agents to focus less on response protocols and more on proactive problem resolution.

Integrated Workflow

Enable a single user interface with integrated visual analytics to manage trouble ticketing.

Device Usage Analytics

Filter coverage services based on the user’s device capabilities.

Network Timeline

Enable active, future and historical views of network impacting events.