Order Management

Business process management (BPM) enabling complex order orchestration, provisioning, Salesforce integration, and billing automation. Configure and automate hundreds of processes and manage exceptions.

Serving next-generation triple and quad play, cable MSO, wireless, satellite, wholesale, enterprise voice, VoIP, IoT, and broadband service providers.

Increasingly rapid marketplace changes are presenting agility and scalability challenges for businesses across many industries. Keeping your product catalog and managing your “Quote to Cash” process in your sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and accounting systems slows business change management reaction time and negatively impacts profitability. Moving from disjointed order systems and processes to a fully integrated, workflow driven order orchestration system reduces error, shortens install intervals, and speeds time to market.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Configure-Price-Quote software helps sales reps rapidly create estimates, proposals, quotes, and orders that are complete and accurate.
CPQ allows managers control over discounts and workflow driven processes. The CPQ software creates quotes based on your product catalog and enables conversion of approved quotes to orders.

Order Orchestration & Workflow

Using the WorkflowBPM engine, manage every aspect of an order both internally and externally while tracking each step, reducing errors and saving time. Create distinct processes for each product and service offered while automating complex integrations for all types of orders (New, MACD, Collections, Trouble Ticket and Payments).

Entitlement Management

Store and manage all contract types, track and forecast revenue based on sales contracts, manage contract renewals and provide appropriate customer touchpoints. Use valuable contract data for forecasting and revenue management. Develop workflows to manage contract renewal, early termination and application of penalty fees.

Order Entry

An extension of the CPQ process, our three-step order wizard enables organizations to capture relevant customer data in an intuitive web-based interface or via bulk imports. Organizations can configure required fields, add user-defined fields, and implement custom business rules in support of product and industry driven order processes.

Catalogue Management

Out-of-the-box, flexible solution to support all products, services, equipment, and metered IoT with one-time or recurring charges. Provide end-users with usage packages and pre-defined pricing and bundles that span multiple product lines, and vary price and availability by numerous factors.