Retail Revenue Management

Enghouse Networks provides a range of specialized, consolidated, and efficient retail revenue management platforms to drive automation and improve revenue and customer experiences. Our platforms target Business to Business (B2B) and Consumer Brands for MNOs, MVNOs, and MVNEs, triple and quad play service providers, utilities, and the transportation industry.

Nowadays operators are pushed to reconsider their efficiency levels, optimize customer service, and better manage revenue streams and resources. Building customer loyalty and creating compelling customer journeys are key strategic objectives for all services providers that are planning to survive the never-ending battle to acquire new subscribers. This can be achieved by eliminating unnecessary hassles throughout customer interactions, pushing proactive information, and providing customized product offerings.

For more than a decade, Enghouse Networks advanced billing and revenue management solutions have been the cornerstone of the telecom business, offering rating and billing convergence, and enabling customers to manage OTT, Utility, and IoT products.

Designed to lower cost-to-serve, maximize profit margins, and ensure high productivity, Enghouse Networks offers full life cycle management for MVNOs, a multi-tenancy MVNE retail solution, personalized e-bills, and powerful billing for customer service providers.

With capabilities such as Online (OCS) and Offline (OFCS) Rating, omnichannel communication, and intuitive customer care & self-care interfaces, you are well positioned to drive rapid time to market and long-term business profitability.

MVNO Retail

A comprehensive revenue management and billing solution for single brand MVNOs that provides full lifecycle management for MVNOs with advanced online (OCS) and offline (OFCS) rating, invoicing, customer care, and self-care capabilities.

MVNE Retail

A multitenancy retail solution for MVNEs that enables running multiple brands and MVNOs on a single platform. Specific business logic can be applied to the different brands as well as features and configurations that can be reused across brands. Adding a new brand to the platform is achieved rapidly and within days.

Utility Billing

A comprehensive software solution enabling utility companies and resellers to service their power, gas, water, mobile, and broadband customers from the same solution. This significantly reduces time to revenue and improves flexibility in cross product offerings, back-office costs, and customer satisfaction.

Billing SaaS

Integrated order entry, order management, workflow, billing, and provisioning capabilities via a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. The powerful Enghouse Networks workflow engine enables service providers to reduce time to revenue while delivering the ability to rapidly launch next generation converged telecommunications services.


Provides personalized bills and billing analysis, helping customers to control, analyze, and validate monthly bills. It can eliminate or compliment paper-based invoicing and help transition to online billing.