Trading, Routing, & Number Porting

Powerful solutions designed to facilitate wholesale trading, by introducing automation in real-time least cost routing, and providing effective management of national and international number portability. This drives revenue optimization, wholesale cost reduction, and efficient network resource allocation, giving operators and carriers the cutting edge.

With new players joining the connectivity business and end-users seeing little to no differentiation between offerings, turning wholesale trading into profitable and sustainable business becomes a difficult task. Cumbersome porting processes, high wholesale costs, and poor partner relationships threaten revenue streams and customer retention. In this fast-changing environment, carriers and service providers require tools that are designed to facilitate smart business decisions on a daily basis.

Enghouse Networks wholesale trading solutions empower you to break free from unresponsive systems, comply with regulations, and effectively streamline your wholesale and traditional voice business with advanced cost and routing optimization. Quickly react to risk and changing network conditions, improve flexibility and functionality, and ensure your high-revenue business subscribers receive the promised experience by handling their calls to marketable, non-geographic service numbers.


Facilitates buying and selling traffic as well as managing bilateral deals. It allows carriers to differentiate their products and increase their volumes while reducing their wholesale costs and removing elements of risk. This leads to better reporting, a reduction of disputes, improved customer satisfaction, and improved partner relationships.

Least Cost Routing

Optimizing wholesale trading margins by rapidly adapting routing policies based on costs, quality, and revenue opportunities can differentiate a carrier’s operations. Enghouse Networks solutions improve routing update speed, flexibility, functionality, and manageability through automation, or by following an authorized validation procedure.

Number Translation

Enables mobile operators to support their business customers’ growth by handling their calls to marketable, non-geographic service numbers. It supports flexible call routing functionality based on different routing methods and is suitable for free phone numbers, universal access numbers, and premium rate numbers.

Global Number Portability Data & Routing

Helps operators to effectively manage their national and international traffic to ported numbers. This reduces costs of unnecessary transit traffic, enables correct termination and pricing/billing of calls and SMS, eliminates the need to pay another carrier to perform NP lookups, and saves network resources for processing and database capacity.

Enghouse Carrier Services

German specialist for telecommunication providers, offering licensed and hosted solutions for fixed line and mobile phone number porting. Provides change processes WBCI, electronic order interfaces for WITA and S/PRI, as well as information requests from regulator authorities TR-AAV.