Enghouse Least Cost Routing solution enables carriers and service providers to achieve operational efficiencies with the latest in central command and control technology, offering multi-protocol support, call routing control, multimedia, network consolidation and migration enablement. The portfolio is heavily driven by ROI cost reduction strategies, ensuring that a carrier’s investment in a centrally managed platform has a significant and immediate impact on its operating costs.

Centralized Management Portal


A web-based interface allows for management and administration of complex routing tables and policies, with customized procedures that can be updated in real-time. Provisioning routes, applying exceptions, running advanced analytics, and reporting from one centralized location provides visibility of diverse network elements. Eliminate downtimes associated with routing update into switches.

Network Consolidation


Consolidate your routing centers with support for TDM and IP networks. Eliminate unnecessary network system tandem hops that are traditionally required to support legacy elements.

Reduce Termination Costs & Monitor Quality


Manage high-margin traffic termination with our nth digit routing algorithms and real-time look-ups, enabling least cost rates and quality control. Analyze and report on historical traffic and routing information for changes in profitability, volume, and route quality.

Real-Time Credit Control


Credit control provides near real-time monitoring of account balances which help control revenue leakage. The credit profiles can be defined for deter- mining credit limits, prepaid arrangements or usage limits per time period. A full set of reports for exposure, account balances and payments is available along with threshold alerts.

Next Generation Toll Free & Emergency Control


Bring in-house all toll-free traffic, and manage it consistently across the network using routing based on schedule, location, traffic, and other business critical criteria. Manage real time text, SMS menus or multimedia based toll free, emergency, N11 and VNS services.



Centralize the management of peering relationships to eliminate disputes and overcome the risk of unfulfilled volume commitments. Prioritize high – margin traffic during conflicts.

Wholesale Revenue & Margin Management


Manage relationships with carriers, vendors, and wholesale customers. Provision margins, discounts, and sell rate sheets with priority to ensure that each call is routed to enable the optimal profit possible.

Fraud Management


Bypasses, alerts, and blocks on fraudulent activities, and deploys required specific network and regulatory policies to enable fraud detection and prevention.

Dispute Management


Reconcile customer CDRs using policy criteria, such as effective start date, frequency, rounding schemes, time zones, suppliers, and other rules.

Global Number Portability Management


The Least Cost Routing platform enables carriers to manage local and global number portability either within the network or through external dips into global and local registries.


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Least Cost Routing Product Sheet

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