Wholesale Revenue Management

Fully automated, end-to-end platform for Wholesale Revenue Management (WRM) that enables billing of all inter-operator relations, including roaming and interconnect. Designed to improve operational efficiencies, protect operators from wholesale fraud, and increase revenue generation.

Efficient Revenue Management Podcast [Audio]

Daniel Ölvebrink, Head of Products, Wholesale for Enghouse Networks, and Telecom Reseller’s Gary Audin discuss the challenges faced by providers, carriers, and resellers concerning revenue management.

As digitization reshapes the telecom arena, the core voice and messaging business continues to decline with increasingly shrinking margins. Many communication service providers are now looking to digital transformation technologies to evolve their wholesale business. Digital transformation touches the entire value chain, and drives a need for operators to revamp and automate all existing transactions and to protect against revenue leakage. Present and future wholesale revenue streams can easily be crippled when exposed to simple fraud cases and poor cooperation with national and international partners.

Enghouse Networks offers both Fixed Network Operators (FNO) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) an end-to-end Wholesale Portfolio, designed to manage inter-operator relationships, effectively combat most known types of fraud, and successfully facilitate MVNO enablement, rating, and billing. Through these solutions, operators achieve dependency from the Data Clearing Houses, reduce TCO via automation, and make use of near-real time fraud detection for minimizing handling times and revenue leakage.

The Enghouse Networks advanced wholesale revenue management capabilities help service providers to unleash their full business potential now and into the future by gaining great control, agility, and flexibility over their business and bilateral deals with their wholesale partners.

Roaming Billing

GSMA compliant revenue management solution that enables mobile operators to effectively manage their global mobile roaming agreements for total control of roaming pricing, through flexible and powerful rating. With comprehensive reporting capabilities, operators can constantly monitor their business and identify new business opportunities.

Interconnect Billing

Unified off-the-shelf platform for end-to-end billing, routing, and business optimization, powering the operations of leading mobile operator groups and carriers. Enables innovation for interconnect, fixed, and mobile wholesale, content, and digital partnerships.

MVNO Wholesale Billing

Enghouse Networks MVNO Wholesale platform provides MNOs and MVNEs with connectivity, rating and billing of MVNOs and Service Providers. It supports full automation of business processes, advanced products and discount schemes, and automatic invoicing of Service Providers and MVNOs. All tailored to the different brands connected to the platform.

Wholesale Fraud Management

Powerful fraud management enabling operators and carriers to effectively fight most known fraud such as bypass/SIM-box fraud, International Revenue Sharing Fraud (IRSF), and PBX hacking fraud. It proactively protects their brand, networks, and customers, while securing margins.