Device Management

Powerful solutions for mobile device management, real-time customer engagement, and cloud-based smartphone support. Designed to boost mobile data uptake, drive greater customer lifetime value, and reduce customer care costs for MNOs, MVNOs, and MVNEs.

The constant fragmentation of the handset market coupled with the boost of BYOD subscriptions reduce control and visibility over device fleet.  And that’s a major challenge for both network and virtual mobile operators.  Managing, supporting and safeguarding all these handsets lead to high operational costs and drive the need for effective device management systems (DMS).

For more than a decade, Enghouse Networks has enabled MNO and MVNO businesses to deliver a seamless end-user welcome experience and to maximize mobile data adoption through real-time device detection (ADD), automatic service provisioning (ADC & APN Setup), and in-depth device analytics.

Deliver the ultimate support experience while slashing customer care call volumes and average handling time (AHT) by transforming your customer service processes with self-service options, and empowering customer care agents with rich step-by-step visual guides.

The Enghouse Networks carrier-grade Device Management System (DMS) also helps operators to drive greater customer lifetime value (CLV) and reduce customer churn.  With access to a visual orchestration wizard, your organization can automate real-time context-based engagement to fit your customer journeys, engaging them from day one.

Device Management System DMS

Robust device management suite for automatic device detection, blacklisting of counterfeit phones, rich handset insight, and mobile data service provisioning with certified configuration settings. Supporting MNOs to deliver the ultimate welcome experience, drive effective customer engagement, and eliminate fraud from their network.

Automated APN Setup

Complete MVNO cloud-based solution that ensures successful and smooth APN setup provisioning for all handset configuration cases: OTA, iOS auto-configuration, and manual step-by-step setup. Powers 100+ MVNO operations through automatic setup, self-care, and customer care visual interfaces.

Customer Engagement

Enables mobile operators to automate and orchestrate personalized context-aware customer engagement processes right from the start of every customer journey. Customers are automatically engaged at the right moment with relevant messages throughout the life-cycle, based on network events, customer behavior, and accurate rich device intelligence.

Device Guides

The ultimate cloud-based support knowledge base for self-care, customer care, retail, and mobile operator specific apps. Reduces the workload for customer care agents and slashes support costs, with the help of visual how-to guides ready to solve any handset and service related issue in one-touch, with no need for further escalations.