Mobile Messaging

With a pedigree of more than 16 years, the broadest range of messaging platforms in the market, and NFV-ready applications, Enghouse Networks is uniquely placed to provide customers with stand-alone or consolidated next-generation messaging solutions.

Mobile messaging services continue to be a highly profitable for mobile operators but these profits are under extreme pressure.

Despite the rise of OTT instant messaging services, SMS remains the only universally available mobile messaging service and whereas the rates and revenues from P2P SMS are in a shallow decline, SMS is still the mainstay of lucrative A2P enterprise messaging services. Until a new universal channel for enterprise messaging emerges through RCS or OTT, SMS remains extremely important for operators.

In the face of market pressures on messaging margins, mobile operators have multiple objectives as regards mobile messaging:

  • Ensuring existing services run as profitably as possible
  • Ensuring legacy messaging services interwork with next-generation services
  • On-boarding new technologies to enable the next universal messaging service

Enghouse Networks enables MNOs to meet these objectives with our suite of mobile messaging products and solutions drawn from the Jinny portfolio including our 4G Messaging Centre, MMSC, VAS Messaging Gateway, USSD Gateway, RCS Server and Intuition Service Creation platform.

Designed with economy and flexibility in mind, these products not only minimize the cost of supporting messaging into the future, they support the interworking of SMS, MMS and USSD with corresponding services (such as RCS and USSI) in 4G IMS networks.

With solutions that help mobile operators focus on protecting margins by minimizing costs and retaining subscriber engagement, we enable you to continue extracting value from popular services while transitioning to the latest technology.

Short Message Service Centre (SMSC)

Compliant with all major industry standards, the Enghouse SMSC’s modular architecture enables you to share components, centralize functions and reduce complexity. It can also be deployed as a Virtualized Network Function (VNF).

Messaging Gateway

Enghouse Networks Messaging Gateway addresses market challenges for maximizing profitability of VAS traffic, reducing costs, and opening up new revenue streams.

Enghouse RCS Server

Enables mobile operators to take their messaging services to the next level with an on premises server supporting the GSMA’s Universal Profile for RCS.

Multimedia Messaging Services Centre MMSC

An NFV-ready MMSC optimized for the efficient and secure delivery of A2P and P2P multimedia messages to all subscribers independent of handset type or installed apps.

Service Creation Platform

Intuition is the Enghouse VAS Service Creation & Orchestration platform enabling the rapid development, testing and launch of new mobile messaging services without requiring designers to have Java programming skills.

USSD Gateway

Supporting thousands of interactive, customer self-care, mobile-banking and infotainment services across 5 continents, the Enghouse USSD Gateway provides connectivity for GSM and 4G IMS networks.

Push Notification Gateway

Enghouse Networks Push Notification (PNot) Gateway extends the reach of enterprise messaging into the realm of the SmartPhone, to deliver highly engaging, personalized messages direct to the user’s home screen.