An NFV-ready Multimedia Messaging Services Centre (MMSC) optimized for the efficient and secure delivery of A2P and P2P multimedia messages to all subscribers independent of handset type or installed apps.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) offers enterprises an app-agnostic solution for multimedia communications with global reach, enabling consumers and enterprises to reach other subscribers with rich media content.

Designed to open standards, the Enghouse MMSC supports:

  • MMS service on a variety of mobile network technologies
  • Extension options for broadcast of MMS campaigns
  • Service platform growth and scalability
  • Various ownership models to enable new revenue streams

Enghouse MMSC advantages:

  • Global reach that enables advertisers to deliver rich media campaigns
  • Multi-tenancy options
  • Campaign Management and Optimization of A2P MMS delivery
  • Inbuilt Malware detection routines
  • Supports P2P and A2P growth
  • Proven stability and flexibility