USSD Gateway

Supporting thousands of interactive, customer self-care, mobile-banking, and infotainment services across 5 continents, the Enghouse USSD Gateway provides connectivity for GSM and 4G IMS networks.

The immediate, interactive and assured nature of USSD has made it a favourite technology for cost-efficient customer self-care, mobile banking, and infotainment services, especially in networks with large pre-paid segments.

Key Benefits:

  • Future proof
  • Drives uptake of new services, bundles, and call plans
  • Extension options for SCE, 4G access, and USSD broadcast
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Supports chargeable and FoC services

The Enghouse USSD Gateway supports hundreds of such services across 5 continents, providing core-network connectivity (via GSM SS7 and 4G IMS) and relaying USSD requests to applications via IP-based protocols such as SMPP or HTTP/XML.

It complies with GSM phase 1 and 2 USSD for push/pull and menu-based services and provides flexible routing capabilities based on service code, network information or subscriber identity.

Services can be implemented either by connection to 3rd-party applications or to our Intuition application server at the back end, which includes a graphical Service Creation Environment (SCE) to support the rapid design, test, launch and maintenance of services.

Customers use our USSD Gateway and Intuition modules to implement services, such as:

  • Air-time Management (balance query, top-up, transfer)
  • Customer Self Care (data bundle subscription, VAS subscription, tariff-plan selection)
  • Social Networking and Internet (Facebook, Search)
  • Infotainment (news, sports, horoscope)
  • m-Commerce (banking, wallet, micro-payment)
  • Call Request and Set-up (call-me-back, collect call, roamer callback)
  • Ringback Tone selection (RBT)

As subscribers transition to 4G at different rates, operators find themselves with a very mixed subscriber base in terms of network access and device capabilities.

Although some subscribers can use apps or web-based portals, operators must provide cost-efficient self-care and information on tariffs and bundles to all of their subscribers.

By emulating USSD in the IMS network, USSI now provides 4G continuity to the self-care systems in which operators have invested.

With network interfaces for GSM and IMS, the Enghouse USSD Gateway makes the subscribers’ network technology transparent for applications and subscribers alike.