Network Emergency Warning System (NEWS)

Supporting public safety alerting with wireless alerts.

With a high rate of consumer adoption and penetration, widespread geographic coverage, and an always-on usage pattern, mobile devices and wireless technology represents the ideal way to disperse critical alerts among the population.  Add to that the ability to target alerts at specific regions, and it’s easy to see why wireless alerting is becoming the mainstay of public warning systems.

Many governments are implementing public warning systems to enable them to alert their populations to situations of heightened risk, such as natural disasters, traffic accidents, or security incidents.

Geographic targeting of emergency alerts to subscribers can help to ensure that only subscribers within areas under threat receive the warning and avoids over alerting and panic in the larger population.

Providing Subscribers With Critical Alerts

In the event of a localized situation, provide your subscribers with critical emergency announcements and updates.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Ensure that your telecommunication network and services meet regional and specific regulations and laws.

Press Release

Enghouse is pleased to announce that its Network Emergency Warning System (NEWS) solution successfully participated in live testing during the Belgian government’s first major test of their multi-channel emergency warning system, BE-Alert, at the recent Rock Werchter festival in Belgium.

Read more on how NEWS can send critical alert messages to your subscribers.

Support for APIs

Support the major alerting protocols for authorities to initiate alerting campaigns

GIS-Enabled Site Repository

Includes a GIS Server to store the co-ordinates of all cell sites in the network

Delivery Channels

Support for geo-targeted SMS and Cell Broadcast in GSM, CDMA and LTE networks

Dynamic Map-based UI with Overlay of Cell Sites

Broadcast Manager

The engine that enables the configuration, scheduling or immediate launch of alerting campaigns .


  • Flexible solution capable of meeting regulatory requirements in different markets
  • Support for the major alerting APIs specified for public alerting systems
  • Geographic targeting of all alert campaigns
  • Time scheduling of alert campaign launch and end
  • Channels for SMS and Cell Broadcast in various network types (GSM, CDMA & LTE)
  • GIS Server for storing co-ordinates of cell sites
  • User friendly UI with polygon drawing function for easy geo-targeting
  • Choice of Mapping options
  • Delivery status tracking (for SMS broadcast only)


Download Product Sheet

NEWS Product Sheet

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