Diameter Load Balancer (DLB)

Avoids unnecessary network expansions by optimizing your network resources with sophisticated load-balancing algorithms, to distribute Diameter traffic across them with maximum efficiency

The Diameter Load Balancer (DLB) is one of the key functions of the Diameter Signalling Controller. With an extensive list of application interfaces the DLB can support various scenarios in which the distribution of Diameter messages across a number of Diameter agents is required.

For instance, as data and signalling traffic volumes grow exponentially, many of the control plane elements will approach throughput capacity limitations. Sooner or later these will require capacity upgrades by adding more nodes. The DLB can be configured to distribute the Diameter messages across groups of Diameter agents assigning a different weight to each Diameter agent through a very user friendly administration interface.

A typical use case is the distribution of real time charging requests from the PGW to multiple online charging systems (OCS) nodes over the Gy interface. The DLB can be used to grow the pool of OCS nodes horizontally and fine-tune the load that each OCS node shall support.

A multi-vendor OCS environment can be easily accommodated using the DLB configured to distribute the signalling traffic, using a specific routing logic, over the Gy application interface.

Key Benefits

  • Save money on online charging system upgrades
  • Optimally distribute charging requests based on the capacity of OCS nodes
  • Route the Diameter messages based on any AVP field, content and node capacity
  • Dynamic health monitoring and failover protection
  • Overload protection