Access Fiber Network Diagnostics

Your Next-Level Network Automation

Minimize Your annual expenditure on truck-rolls by accurately identifying and resolving faults in your access network.

Cut-down truck rolls by 20% to 30%

Reduce repeat dispatches by 10%

Lower call escalations and time to repair

Improve customer satisfaction and NPS

Greater Visibility, Deeper Insights.

Reduce mounting costs due to expensive truck-rolls

Maintain and service fiber access network efficiently

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Keep up with interoperability and industry standards

The Solution

Access Fiber Network Diagnostics accurately locates faults, runs automated testing and provides recommendations based on the severity of the issue. With this solution, you can reduce truck rolls by 20% to 30%, and cut-down on repeat dispatches by 10%.

Why Access Fiber Network Diagnostics?

  • Accurate identification of Fault & Location
  • Compatible with industry’s leading network element interfaces
  • Works with BPON, GPON and XGS PON networks
  • Customizable, easy-to-access dashboard

We provide architectural flexibility, advanced technology, outstanding services and support, network domain knowledge, and staff equipped with decades of telecom industry experience.