Network Resource Planning & Readiness

Enables providers to manage, monetize, and optimize their network resources, assets, and sites across legacy and hybrid networks in transition via a pre-integrated OSS suite and GIS-enabled technologies.

Enghouse Networks offers a complete, integrated suite of products for the operational management and planning of resource inventory and enablement of associated processes, from service fulfillment to readiness, delivery, and strategic enablement.

To manage the inherent complexity in today’s hybrid and evolving communication networks, our operational systems are future proof, configurable, rapid to deploy and integrate, accurate, and reliable. This enables our customers to digitally transform their operations so that value added services are created and delivered quickly and efficiently.

The technologies here today, 5G, SDN/NFV, and IoT, impose new requirements on operational systems in both scale and level of automation. Our customers are leveraging our integrated systems to successfully and rapidly automate antiquated procedures and replace legacy systems.

Building on more than 25 years of successful continuous innovation our resource planning, inventory management, and GIS platforms are ready for the autonomous communication network of the future.

GIS Network Planning & Management

Enghouse Networks enables rapid 5G fiber network build-out by providing a geospatial network planning, design and engineering platform that enhances workflow, reduces errors, improves productivity, and aids network operations.

Network Inventory Management

Drive business processes using reliable, up-to-date inventory and configuration data from the live network based on automated discovery and reconciliation of physical and virtual network resources.

Network Resource Planning

Plan and keep track of all network resources using a dedicated platform powered by a flexible, configurable, rules engine that enables unified management and auditing of all physical and virtual network assets.

Network Reconciliation

Network reconciliation enables an accurate up-to-date inventory for network elements, configuration, and network services. Full configurability for new processes, vendors, and technologies. Enables ease of auditing field changes. Auto discovery allows rapid deployment, reducing migration from legacy systems.

Number Management

Integrate your customer information and numbering plans into one system via an intuitive platform for telecom and data networks that enables administration for subscriber numbering plans such as telephone numbers and IP addresses for corporate and private customers, service classes, and number portability.

Site Management

The Enghouse Networks Site Management solution provides the model and functionality to support life cycle management of sites and locations where operators provide equipment.

Configuration Management DNCM

DNCM offers a unique solution for planning, integrating, and managing hybrid, multi-technology and multi-vendor network configurations, inventory, and engineering data.

Workflow & BPM

Improve efficiency and tracking of service delivery with Enghouse WebTop BPM Workflow, ensuring top efficiency through order orchestration automation, effective process management, and sophisticated configuration capabilities.
Pre-integrated with Enghouse Fault Management and Inventory Management.