Performance Management

Enghouse Performance Management provides deep collection of network performance metrics with flow, log, and end user experience data. Delivers early indication of performance degradation for rapid intervention and prevention of service quality issues. Builds historical baseline, notifies when deviations occur, and enables predictive analysis and network planning.

Rethink Network Performance Management

Enghouse Performance (formerly known as NetBoss Performance) provides breakthroughs in speed, scalability, and ease of use, delivering the industry’s fastest all-in-one network performance management solution that collects, monitors, and reports all of your performance indicators. This solution supports all collection methods, monitoring up to 60,000 elements or objects per appliance, and storing up to one year of historical polled data via a distributed storage system.

Regardless of your business size, Enghouse Performance delivers affordable, real-time system wide visibility, without sacrificing the speed required to effectively troubleshoot your service impacting events – speed at scale.


Why Network Performance Matters

Most service impacting events are preceded by detectable changes in key systems performance indicators such as increased network utilization levels, CPU spikes, memory leaks and response time degradations. In spite of this, most service assurance organizations fail to detect these critical changes, resulting in a series of potential “losses” – lost productivity, lost opportunity, and even lost revenue. Failure to collect and monitor enough performance data means that NOC operations staff misses the opportunity to identify the anomalies that are the key indicators of potential problems. Without a comprehensive network performance management solution in place, operations staff are merely reactive to service interruptions rather than pro actively preventing them.

Reporting & Trouble Shooting at Speed of Scale

Enghouse Performance provides powerful integration of performance metrics and data flow reporting. Enghouse Performance produces up-to-the-second live reports for time spans measured in months, with the last polled or collected data always represented. Configurable Overview Report templates include top ten utilized interfaces, devices with highest packet drops, data latency, amongst many others.

Enghouse Performance provides the most powerful integration of performance metrics and NetFlow reporting of any performance management solution. When troubleshooting and identifying a spike in utilization, NetBoss Performance provides a one click integration to build a data flow report that takes you instantly to the associated traffic for the exact period of time for that specific interface. This NetFlow integration speeds your problem resolution and saves valuable time and effort when trying to understand what type of traffic traverses and affects your network.

Open Collection at Speed of Scale

The all-in-one performance appliance solution is designed with a plug-in architecture that unifies the collection, monitoring, reporting and other data integration requirements for performance management.

A highly optimized polling engine ensures minimal impact on the network while gathering the vital statistics that you need to effectively manage your telecommunications and IT Infrastructure. The multi-threaded polling engine polls devices at one minute intervals and critical interfaces at one second intervals. Enghouse Performance stores this raw data for a minimum of 12 months to provide you complete historical accuracy when you need to review past performance levels.

Peer-to-Peer Appliances

The Enghouse Performance peer-to-peer appliance architecture removes the scalability limits on data collection, analysis, and reporting by distributing these functions across a network of Enghouse Performance appliances. This provides linear scalability in collection and reporting, without performance bottlenecks or the single point of failure seen in other centralized reporting and database systems. Furthermore, this architecture provides the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need for separate databases, reporting, and storage servers, and their ongoing operations and maintenance costs.

Optimized Data Collection & Reporting

Enghouse Performance supports up to 1,000 interfaces per appliance with collection rates of up to 15,000,000 flows per minute. Stores seven days of raw data and one year of aggregated flow data by default, including the top 200 results at one minute intervals for each report, for each interface.