Mobile Network Security & Anti-fraud

Protect your mobile network and subscribers from spam, fraud, malicious traffic and security breaches.

With the rapid evolution of mobile technology, new security and fraud issues continue to emerge.

The effects of these issues have been compounded by the central role that mobile devices now play in everyone’s life, and the global reach of today’s mobile networks.

For many years, spammers have been exploiting vulnerabilities in the signalling protocols used between GSM networks, with devastating effects on operators’ messaging revenues and reputations.  The number of exposed signalling vulnerabilities is on the rise, which can be used for malicious activities towards networks and subscribers.

Mobile operators cannot afford to provide a conduit for the breach of their subscribers’ privacy or security. Enabling suitable protection against breaches across networks via accurate monitoring and pro-active responses guards against the increasing levels of malicious traffic experienced by today’s providers, and is essential for modern telecommunications businesses.


Protects the network from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that use SMS

Block unverified premium traffic from fraudulent premium providers

Monitor and block grey route traffic from pirate aggregators

Identify and flag potential phishing scams before they reach the subscribers

Identifies and blocks messages with spoofed or faked sender addresses

Empower subscriber to control and restrict the calls and messages they receive

Block malicious viruses before they reach subscribers

Using advanced fingerprinting to identify and block spam before it reaches the subscribers