MVNO Revenue Management

Since 2002, more than 50 MVNOs have relied on the Enghouse (formerly CDRator) application suite when launching their business. This makes Enghouse Rator an industry veteran, and more importantly, proves the value of choosing an accomplished team and software that is designed and developed for MVNO success.

The Enghouse Networks suite is focused on delivering MVNO Revenue Management for MNOs, MVNEs, and MVNOs:

The Rator product suite effectively consolidates Rating, Billing and Customer Care of mobile services together with full life-cycle management into a complete, end-to-end MVNO Revenue Management solution.

Rator is a multi-layered solution of fully integrated modules that combines out-of-the-box functionality with easy-to-use configurability that will scale with your future business demands.

We have combined the back-end technological expertise with the front-end customer-centric experience. Our multi-tenant solution includes the inherent flexibility required for you to launch your brand, grow your business and manage your customer base.

With over 15 years of experience, launching 50+ MVNO brands globally, let the Enghouse MVNO team take the risk out of launching your MVNO business.

Off-the-shelf MVNO revenue life cycle management platform for rapid launch.

MNOs facing competition from low cost brands – Launch your own MVNO fighter brands in as little as 3 months.

Rator MVNO provides easily configurable workflows to meet unique business requirements.

Launching an MVNO business? Invest in customer acquisition, while reducing your financial risk. Call us to learn more about our pay-as-you-grow model.

The Rator Suite establishes MNO connections for MVNOs, integration with provisioning & payment gateways, number porting, address check, setting up customer care & more – our team has done it all.

MVNO enables end-to-end revenue life-cycle management from sign-up, to in-life, end-of-life, and post-life management.

Rator MVNO Retail

A Retail solution for single brand MVNOs

Rator MVNO Retail is a comprehensive revenue management and billing solution that provides full life cycle management for MVNOs with advanced rating, invoicing, customer care, and self-care capabilities. It includes a flexible API for rapid integration with networks and third parties. Rator MVNO Retail delivers full product and service convergence that is provided by its flexible and configurable workflow management features.

Rator MVNE Retail

A Multitenancy Retail solution for MVNEs

In addition to the features offered by Rator MVNO Retail, Rator MVNE Retail enables running multiple brands and MVNOs on a single platform with associated cost and maintainability benefits. Specific business logic can be applied to the different brands as well as features and configurations that can be reused across brands. Adding a new brand to the platform is achieved rapidly and within days.

Rator MVNO Wholesale

An enablement solution for MNOs and MVNEs

Rator MVNO Wholesale provides easy connectivity between networks, third party integrations points, retail and invoicing systems, and customer care. Connection points includes provisioning, payment gateways, number porting, address check, credit check, and many more. The retail connectivity supports Rator Retail, Invoicing, Customer Care, and other third party BSS systems.

Selected Key Features

  • Convergent billing

  • Full life cycle management

  • Workflow automation

  • Dynamic account structure

  • Automated invoicing

  • CDR and OCS based rating

  • Self-care and point of sales (POS)

  • Unique business processes

  • Multiple brands on one platform

  • Advanced rating of brands

  • Share features across brands

  • Single API including for new brands