MVNO Solutions Suite

Industry Leading Solutions and Services for Light to Full MVNOs

Launch your brand, grow and monetize your business with new technologies such as IoT services. Ensure operational efficiency, rapid revenue uptake, and improved customer service experiences.

Revenue Life Cycle Management

Supporting MVNOs from concept stage and throughout the entire customer life cycle.

Business Process Automation

Drive MVNO efficiency and slash operational costs by automating business processes and functions.

Multitenancy & Scalability

Easily configurable & scalable solutions in line with the MVNO business logic and requirements.

Cloud-based Solutions

Private, public, and hybrid cloud deployment for fast implementation and increased flexibility.

Customer Management

Hassle-free Processes to Manage the Entire Customer Life Cycle

Solutions to streamline and automate the subscriber sign-up and registration process, and efficiently manage all stages of order fulfilment covering services, plans, and handsets.

Workflow & Business Process Management (BPM)

Fully customizable rule-based workflows to automate a wide range of business processes from account activations, proactive outbound communication, customer service interactions, and any custom behavior and logic. Among others, BPM enables MVNOs to implement customized loyalty programs, such as refer-a-friend programs, gift certificates and vouchers.


Customer Service CRM & Trouble Ticketing

Dedicated CRM system for MVNO customer care centres with an easy-to-use interface that enables swift order, product changes, and customer management, featuring complete customer profile views in real-time and trouble ticketing.

Order Management

Enables complex order orchestration, provisioning, Salesforce integration, and billing automation. Configure and automate hundreds of processes and manage exceptions.

Device Configuration

Simplify Device Configuration for Rapid On-boarding

Complete MVNO Cloud-based solution to ensure successful APN setup provisioning for all OTA capable, iOS, and manual mobile devices. Powers 100+ MVNO operations through automatic setup, self-care, and customer care interfaces. Supports multi-APN profiles and multi-IMSI provisioning for global Roaming services.

Automatic & On-demand APN Setup

Trigger the right MVNO settings either automatically, through an HTTP API or SIM applet, or on-demand, with access to online Self-Care and visual device setup tool for Customer Care.

Device-specific Configuration

Successfully configure all end-users: over-the-air (OTA) setup is performed for OTA capable handsets, auto-configuration for iOS handsets & step-by-step manual setup guides for non-OTA handsets.

Highest Device Data Update Frequency

Our device library features the highest update frequency on the market, with an average of 3 verified devices added every day.

Convergent Billing

Secure & Protect Service Revenue with Convergent MVNO Billing

Accelerate all MVNO billing, rating, charging, and invoicing processes via a single platform. With advanced online (OCS) and offline (OFCS) charging capabilities, we support prepaid and post-paid customers. Monetize all MVNO offering types from voice, SMS, data, digital to IoT services for 3G, 4G, & 5G.

Rigorous and reliable billing system that supports OCS and OFCS charging and rating in line with customers’ plans. Convergent subscription and handset billing that supports a large number of transactions and rating complexity servicing bundles, family packages etc.

Additional MVNO revenue streams ensured by effectively monetizing a full range of 3rd party provider services with rule-based charging and convergent subscriber billing.

Personalized Business Processes (BPM), customer notifications and reminders prompted for late payments, and dunning transactions executed based on time or amount thresholds. Supports soft & hard end-user blocking & integration to 3rd party debt collectors.

Visual interface for MVNOs to set up, price, launch, and manage all products, services, bundles, and tariffs. Ensures quick responses to market changes and new personalized offerings, promotions, and campaigns orchestration based on marketing requirements.

Customer Support

Digitally Transform Customer Support for Impactful Experiences

Full suite of support solutions, designed to reduce support costs while improving the customer service experience through digital channels. Online rich how-to guides, handset capability information and billing analysis to ensure quick resolutions and transparent processes.

Self-Care API

Enables self-service for MVNO subscribers to sign-up for new services, add options to subscriptions, change service settings, perform product upgrades & downgrades, view service usage and bill, and conduct payments and top-ups.

Device Guides

Responsive device knowledge base interface that showcases quick resolutions for top smartphone and service related issues. Step-by-step handset specific guidelines with multi-language support, device comparison feature and OTA setup integration.

Messaging & VAS Solutions

Virtualize & Manage MVNO VAS Solutions from a Single Platform

Cost-effective and reliable NFV-ready solutions to facilitate rapid launch and management of new messaging and VAS solutions, minimize the total cost of ownership of the messaging infrastructure, and enable messaging revenues.

Short Message Service Centre (SMSC)

High-performance, feature-rich SMSC enables MVNOs to limit costs and exploit revenues from SMS as they transition to all-IP networks. Native interworking with 4G IMS Messaging, transport-level interworking with SIP encapsulated SMS, and service-level interworking with IM (SIMPLE & CPM). The SMSC home routes off-net SMS towards 4G subscribers, and provides domain selection routines for optimized delivery.

Multimedia Service Centre (MMSC)

NFV-ready and optimized for the efficient and secure delivery of A2P and P2P multimedia messages to all subscribers, independent of handset type or installed apps.

USSD Gateway

Supporting thousands of interactive, customer self-care, mobile banking and infotainment services across five continents, the Enghouse USSD Gateway provides connectivity for GSM and 4G IMS networks.


A carrier-class centralized voice and video fax messaging system, which collects messages. The simplicity and flexibility of voicemail ensures that subscribers never miss a call, resulting in increased network airtime and higher Call-Completion rates and revenues.

Visual Voicemail

With support for the native iOS and Android VVM apps (or a custom OTT app), the VVM service can be enabled on the Enghouse Voicemail system or on a legacy OEM VMS with the addition of our VVM Gateway.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Protect MVNO Subscribers from Spam, Fraud, & Malicious Traffic

Robust protection system to analyse and monitor all messaging traffic regardless of its point of origin, and block all possible fraud attacks. Ensure that MVNO subscribers are only charged for messages that they authorize and comply with communications regulatory requirements.

IoT Device Screening

Enables Enterprises and consumers with SIM-based IoT applications and services to control their device interactions. Through the Enghouse IoT Device Screening interface, customers can manage any call or message exchange including bulk communication to their devices, and avoid erroneous outbound routing.

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