Revenue Leakage Detection & Prevention

Enterprise CSPs experience substantial unnoticed revenue leakage that threatens business profitability and the delivered customer experience. Enghouse Networks identifies revenue leakage instances, which can add up to millions of dollars of unbilled revenue per annum, and delivers ROI in weeks. With the help of process re-engineering, our solution introduces automation and policy enforcement to prevent reoccurrence.

Substantial unnoticed revenue leakage

Providing communications services to Enterprises is one of the most profitable revenue streams available to Telecom companies today.  Many Telecoms have invested in streamlining front and back office operations, digitization, and network upgrades, with a guiding focus on customer-centric initiatives to grow and protect Enterprise revenue streams.  As a result, Telecoms that have taken steps to evolve their systems have growing Enterprise customer bases, good Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and low churn rates; and yet, achieving strong year over year profit growth remains a consistent challenge across the industry.

Enterprise Communications Service Providers experience substantial unnoticed revenue leakage due to:

Ill-defined processes

Complex composition of operations

Lack of automation

Discrepancies between expected & actual revenue

Many Service Providers may be experiencing discrepancies between billable and contractually committed services requested by their Enterprise customers, and the actual services that their networks are delivering.

15 to 40%

of Enterprise connectivity services checked were found to have discrepancies worth many millions of USD per year

Potential revenue leakage instances:

  • Endpoints are commercially terminated or suspended but still in active use
  • Endpoints existing in the network but no corresponding billing entry
  • Customers who’s service type is different than that billed
  • Endpoints stuck in the order management process but in active use

Tracking, Collecting, & Managing

As part of this workflow process, real network bandwidth, contractual service level agreements (SLAs), and billing datasets are collected and reconciled.  The Revenue Leakage Detection and Prevention solution can reliably pinpoint trouble spots in real-time and flag those for corrective action, effective processes are then needed to ensure that resources are coordinated and deployed to resolve the issue.


Process Re-Engineering. Analysis, Design, & Implementation

Enghouse Networks offers a Process Re-Engineering service delivered in three phases: Analysis; Design; and Implementation. Highly experienced Enghouse consultants work closely with our Telecom clients to:

  • Analyze and assess current processes
  • Design a new workflow model that reflects beneficial integration between OSS and BSS systems
  • Capture newly reviewed and re-engineered processes through detailed documentation
  • Implement re-engineered processes through human resource selection, re-assignment, and training

Customer Success Story

Revenue Leakage Detection & Prevention Identifies $US Millions for Enterprise CSPs

Download our case study to read how three tier 1 service providers effectively and accurately detected widespread revenue leakage in real-time.


OSS Revenue Leakage Detection & Prevention of Enterprise Connectivity Services

In this webinar, you will learn how Service Providers can effectively and accurately detect widespread revenue leakage in real-time.