Enghouse offers a full suite of integrated OSS solutions to automate the management of sites from a centralized platform.

Towerco Fault & Performance Management, Trouble Ticketing, Workflow, & Site Asset Management

In today’s competitive tower market the ongoing emphasis is on lowering operating costs while ensuring site reliability. Those sound like two simple objectives to accomplish, but until recently it took a complex combination of systems, manpower, and manual processes to understand, “How is my business running?”

Enghouse provides an end-to-end network management system for towerco multi-vendor communications networks that are composed of a broad array of both next generation products and legacy infrastructure.

Manage real-time status and health of equipment at every site including:

  • UPS
  • Rectifiers
  • Generators
  • HVAC
  • Environmental conditions and alarms

As a top level management system, this solution interfaces to existing remote terminal units (RTU), or RTU management systems from different vendors, and presents one unified status view of all equipment. Detailed dynamic graphics give network operations staff real-time status information, and interactive graphs show historical performance of equipment.

GIS-based Mapping, Planning, & Network Engineering

The Enghouse Networks Esri GIS-based geospatial network planning, design, and engineering solution provides a telecom data model integrated with visual schematic and map elements, delivering a comprehensive picture of the proposed or as-built fiber, copper, coax, wireless, or hybrid network.

This solution automates network design and saves countless engineering hours while eliminating the need for CAD files. Esri GIS spatial element reduces costly construction errors, improves data integrity, enhances processes, and delivers immediate cost savings.

Integration with Facility Management Systems, Billing, and Network Inventory further enhances return on investment.

Reports & Dashboards

Enghouse Reporter accesses data from the OSS database and provides users with scheduled, ad hoc, and historical reports in various presentation formats, such as 3-D pie, line, and bar charts. Customized reports and templates are easy to configure and schedule. Reports and dashboards are web enabled for easy access.

The Executive Dashboard brings a mobile and interactive display that drive both real time analytics and long- term trends across the fault, performance, service, and trouble management domains. This simple yet powerful software technology continuously delivers actionable information such as KPIs to all levels of your organization, and improves the decision-making process.

Site Asset Management

Asset Management is a crucial element for the initial rollout, site planning activities, and follow on maintenance for mobile operators and tower management companies. Enghouse provides comprehensive asset and site management, which provides all necessary information needed to efficiently manage site information.

Trouble Management with Workflow

The Enghouse application includes comprehensive trouble ticketing and workflow solution that delivers the power and flexibility to efficiently manage significant site events, and the trouble ticketing life cycle.

Built-in trouble management workflow provides process automation and enables supervisors to delegate tasks or sub-processes to team members or other teams.

Features include:

  • Site candidates & selection
  • Site contracts
  • Automated rollout workflow
  • Site access information
  • Site name, address, GIS coordinates, site photographs
  • Civil works
  • Floorplan & rack layouts
  • Active & passive equipment
  • Equipment configuration

Features include:

  • Timed escalation
  • Role-based routing and task assignment
  • Follow-up events
  • Robust reporting and tracking


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