MVNOs making waves in Latin America

Latin American telecom market rekindles interest in the MVNO business model

While the virtual network operator business model was making headlines in other regions of the world such as Europe and US, it failed to make a significant impact on the shores of Latin America for the last decade, only achieving ‘ankle buster’ wave status.

The LATAM region has experienced a swift change in the telecom tides, bringing a rapid increase in Latin American based MVNO brands, and rough competitive waters that threaten to sink unprepared ventures.

Key amongst the make or break challenges is the fight for new subscribers. The Colombian market leads with 3.7 million MVNO subscriptions or 6% market penetration, followed by Chile with 2%, and Mexico with 1.4%. Even though the market is dominated by telecom giants, the Mexican MVNO market managed to reach 1.6 million subscribers at the beginning of 2018.

MVNO service providers can weather the storm and navigate through their challenges with trusted guidance from technology partners that have sailed the same seas before. Enghouse Tweakker is a global market leader in MVNO solutions that powers over 100 MVNO businesses worldwide to achieve success, and is sharing their insight in a new, comprehensive e-book that studies LATAM MVNO business challenges in their pursuit to better serve their customers and win market share from established players.

Highlights from Tweakker’s Latin America region series e-book:

– 4G usage in LATAM is projected to reach 38% by 2020, close to the global average and it’s up to local MVNOs’ efforts in gaining a large share of the 4G subscriptions.

– Currently nearly 60% out of the 405 million smartphone subscriptions being accessed and utilized by low-end handsets, turning onboarding and support into a troublesome and costly endeavor for any MVNO present in the market.

– Latin American mobile operators are facing pressure to step up the fight against phone piracy, as the region places second globally with 19.6% counterfeit handsets present on the market.

– MVNOs are challenged to build more efficient customer service processes and are starting to see the need for an online self-help solution, designed to reduce the workload on their Customer Care centres.

No matter the type of the virtual operator, be it a light or a full MVNO, a cable company or a bank entering this market, they all aim to drive down costs and maximize profitability while delivering the best customer experience.

Download the free Enghouse Tweakker Latin America region series e-book to discover why virtual operators need to gear up with the right solutions to succeed within the market.