by Nikolaj Jensen, Head of Rator MVNO Revenue Management Solutions

Our experts at Enghouse Networks are hearing a common refrain from MNOs across the world: how to enable, launch, and maintain cutting-edge offerings in their portfolio, while combating pressures on margins?


Many MNOs are discovering that the answer is close to home. By launching a fighter brand on their network, telecoms are able to target niche markets that are not met by the core brand with competitive pricing and specialized promotions, while maintaining pricing integrity and differentiation for their central business.

Further, fighter brands enable a means to rapidly respond to trending market conditions, and offer agile digital services, products, and bundles. Fighter brands often feature frequent product and price adjustments, and typically offer support through advanced self-care sites. This rapid and cost-effective marketplace response strategy can be leveraged to outcompete and in many cases underbid independent MVNOs and Service Providers.

MNOs that launch MVNOs are often successful, especially where the main brand and the fighter brand have distinct markets, messaging, and portfolios. Operational distinctions between the business models such as separate web presences and IT support systems are able to strengthen and support brand differentiations and enable MNOs to benefit from leaner operations for their fighter brands, with resource sharing often limited to core network components and some support staff such as finance. Opex investments are focused on customer acquisition, customer retention, and branding, which often translates into funding PR and Marketing staffing and promotions.

A key requirement around launching fighter brands on an existing MNO network is that MNOs cannot rely on their IT legacy systems. MVNO fighter brands follow a specific business logic that differs from a standard MNO operation, and often need frequent changes and updates to their offerings and structuring. Many MVNOs have monthly deployments, and the turnaround from idea to market launch through development and QA is often limited to weeks. This accelerated timeline requires specific IT system designed to offer a unique time-to-market.

Enghouse Networks Rator solutions can support everything from light to heavy MVNO business models with a full suite of features, enabling MNOs to establish their fighter brand with the shortest possible time to market – as quickly as 12 weeks.

Our Rator team has experience launching more than 50 MVNO and Service Provider brands worldwide, with more than 25 operator networks. Our Senior Market experts provide conceptual and technical support throughout planning, deployment, and launch, to ensure that our MNOs have a successful go to market result.