Insider View: Nikolaj Jensen, Head of BSS Products, R&D at Enghouse Networks, shares his views on how technology is helping MVNOs to reshape the customer journey for positive impact.

The crowded US telecom arena is seeing controversial consolidation, new players eyeing the connectivity business, and disruptive technology continues to emerge. Taking a closer look at the North American MVNO market, this space is known for being forward-thinking, implementing great acquisition plans and introducing innovative business models, such as the online-only, IoT and app MVNOs. At the same time, this industry has seen a series of disastrous ventures, as many MVNOs failed to make their business profitable and sustainable.

At Enghouse Networks, we believe that compelling and hassle free customer journeys are key in cultivating loyalty, maximizing customer retention and eventually, delivering great experience. We have seen successful MVNOs achieve this by re-designing their customer journey, automating involved processes, and encouraging the use of self-serve options at various touchpoints.

Automation refines the customer journey

Every single customer lifecycle implies a large volume of repetitive processes, bringing a lot of operational challenges for the MVNO in supporting their subscriber base. From back-end, provisioning, support, billing, and engagement tasks, operators are pushed to streamline and automate their efforts in order to achieve higher levels of agility and scalability.

We know that customers expect personalized experiences with seamless services, tailored offerings and in-depth real-time information from billing to usage data. And we also know that a service provider is unlikely to have the manpower nor the budget to support one-to-one customer relationships.

Self-service goes beyond great customer support

Forget about leaving customers on hold and support agents that frenetically browse for a quick resolution. Rather, we recommend you to empower your customers to help themselves, and turn your personnel into handset and service gurus, by providing them access to a rich support knowledge base.

Our view is that the shift to self-service shouldn’t only be seen as a mean of reducing the workload for customer support centres, or driving convenience for the end-user. By adopting visual and intuitive self-serve platforms, MVNOs give life to valuable community forums, transforming their support and engagement processes, and turning their billing into a transparent practice.

Enghouse Networks sustains rapid MVNO business growth

Service providers usually can’t see the clear link between optimizing the customer experience and tangible financial growth. For more than a decade, Enghouse Networks advanced revenue management, automatic data provisioning, self-care support, billing, and a full lifecycle management applications have been the cornerstone of the MVNO business.