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Operating Support

Automated test operations for your broadband network

200,000,000 lines under test worldwide

Tollgrade Test Operations Systems

Highly automated test operations for efficient provisioning, repair and maintenance of your broadband network

Whether they want a faster connection for the home office or high-speed Internet access to download their favorite TV programs, most of today’s broadband users started with a simple POTS connection. Knowing this, our OSS products are focused on delivering highly automated test operations for efficient provisioning, repair and maintenance on your network. Whether you choose to use our Celerity®, Loopcare™ or 4TEL® OSS, you can be sure that they have been all designed to easily expand to support the evolving needs of your broadband network subscribers today and well into the future.

Broadband Service Pre-qualification

With xDSL pre-qualification features, our OSS products can qualify loops for xDSL services using your existing infrastructure eliminating the need for costly external test access devices or manual processes. Loop qualification is supported on-demand or in bulk-mode. In on-demand mode, tests can be done to verify loop suitability either before or accepting an xDSL order from the customer or during installation. Bulk pre-qualification can be used to build targeted marketing lists as well as for loop conditioning (e.g. load coil removal).

One-Touch Resolution

When responding to a customer’s trouble report, your main goal is to resolve the problem in “one touch” – it improves customer satisfaction and reduces your operational costs. But without a centralized, automated test system, it is expensive and difficult to identify the root cause of problems – especially as the network becomes more complex. With Tollgrade OSS products, you can initiate a test at the customer’s first point of contact, giving the Tier 1 representative the information to quickly verify problems and give a definitive statement for resolution with just “one touch”.

Simple to Use

All tests are performed through a simple, easy-to-use GUI that is point and click. Upon test completion, all results are analyzed and displayed in an easy-to-interpret format. If unusual conditions are present, detailed measurement data is available that can be used by the technical experts to further analyze problems.

Open and Scalable

Tollgrade OSS products can scale to any deployment – large or smaller deployments that need to future-proof their network for growth. Celerity, Loopcare and 4TEL OSS are highly scalable with a wealth of southbound and northbound interfaces necessary for integration into your network. Testing can be requested from the support service center and via voice response solution for the field technician or driven automatically from trouble management/customer care system using open, published Application Program Interfaces (APIs). Through numerous industry partnerships, Tollgrade OSS products fit seamlessly into most network infrastructures, enabling maximum flow-through and testability.


Currently supporting over 100 million subscribers worldwide, broadband service providers around the globe have chosen our OSS products as the foundation for assurance in their consumer-serving networks.

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