Jinny Software has been delivering innovative solutions to mobile service providers since 1999. Our experience of working with both the largest and the smallest of operators has enabled us to build a broad portfolio of solutions that deliver revenue growth, reduced costs, subscriber growth and customer satisfaction.

Across all forms of messaging, call completion, mobile broadband and mobile advertising capabilities, Jinny Software delivers both point solutions for specific operator requirements and multiple service offerings in a single solution. We help mobile operators to converge their 2G/3G Value Added Service (VAS) infrastructure with the new pure IP-based LTE-4G networks, and we provide complete VAS and network solutions to both MVNOs and multi-play providers.

Shifts in consumer demand and the rise of mobile broadband and all-IP networks require that network providers constantly evolve. We have spent years researching and developing solutions to help you face the future. For instance, to channel new revenue streams in partnership with leading brands, we offer the Jinny Mobile Advertising Platform; to increase revenues from the provision of mobile broadband, we launched the award-winning VAVOOMB™ (Voice and VAS Over Mobile Broadband); and to smooth the transition between your legacy systems and all-IP networks, we have developed the 4G Message Centre and Diameter Router.

Jinny’s solutions are LTE-ready out of the box. They just work; they are built to ensure continuity of the customer experience across LTE, 3G and 2G networks.

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Richard Choi, Jinny Chief Commercial Officer, talks about our approach to product development.